Ashley Robyn is a singer/songwriter based in Vancouver, B.C. As a highschool student, she won several awards for her scriptwriting and performance talents - but music existed as an afterthought. She picked up a guitar at 15, but was distracted by numerous theatre projects that required her attention. She didn't play, or sing in front of anyone, until she was 21.

Returning from post-graduate travels, Ashley continued to work on her music while working in the film industry. After her contract as an editor ran out, she travelled to NYC in 2008 with the aim of writing short stories and film scripts. But Ashley found herself flung into the music scene of NYC. She bought a guitar, played an open mic, and more shows came rolling in. By the time she was on her way back to Vancouver, Ashley had decided to dedicate herself fully to music.ashley robyn bio

She began honing her vocals in intimate performance spaces and cultivating her first forays into songwriting. In the winter of that year, she joined the a'cappella gospel quintet, The Little Wheel, singing with a group of talented vocalists in performances at In The House Festival, Sistahood Festival and Under The Volcano followed. Ashley joined the band Jackie Treehorn as lead singer in 2010. The band went from gigging at venues in Vancouver to touring throughout Western Canada, even landing a coveted spot on the David Lam Stage as part of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. She also made solo appearances at the Robson Valley Music Festival and Komasket Music Festival during this time. When Jackie Treehorn disbanded in 2013, she began a new alt. rock trio called Trespassers Will with two former members of the band. They released their self-titled EP in February 2014.